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Weekly Update #8 - Oct 13th, 2019

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Dear Piano Lovers, You are not alone! 

More than 1,600 other piano lovers like yourselves have taken the opportunity to learn how to play with our new and groundbreaking PENTA™ system. More than half of you have also enrolled, for free, to our online course on Teachable (enroll here).

We are getting overwhelming responses from our students, and it really makes our day! Our goal is that as many people as possible will just enjoy sitting at this marvellous instrument, the piano, and play to their hearts’ content!


We love to hear from our students!

Let us know that you are there! Hit reply and just tell us, privately, how you feel about learning. We will answer each and every mail and will be there to help you as much as possible! Feel free to always write to our friendly team at


Check out our songbooks!

We have published so far a total of 4 books, encompassing 120 songs, with many more on the way. If you’ve already started to learn and you are getting the hang of it, a songbook, with familiar songs, can help you progress even faster.

We offer the Classics, the Hymns, a Christmas songbook, and the Israelis. You can find a list of all the songs in each book, plus some audio examples, right here, or go directly to the bookstore to get them digitally or in a printed form here.

Our books have a straightforward format. Each song takes exactly one page. On the page, in addition to the PENTA™ script, you will find 3 or 4 QR Codes which when scanned (or clicked on the digital version) will let you:

  • Learn more on the song using Wikipedia

  • Get the lyrics (if applicable) or the song

  • hear the song using Youtube® or similar

  • Hear the song played by Yanna precisely according to the PENTA™ script 

Take a look and make your own decision while you continue, hopefully, to study and progress with the coursebook or the online course.

Have a great week and break free!

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