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Piano Esperanto

Learn to play the piano,

without learning traditional sheet music.

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Who Are We?

Piano Esperanto is an Israeli company dedicated to making it easier for everyone to learn how to play the piano. Our goal is to share with you the pleasure of piano playing, any place, any time and at any age.


The Pianist          

Yanna has been playing the piano since first grade. She plays in concerts, teaches children and adults how to play, but mostly, she just enjoys playing. Her goal - to have as many people play the piano as possible!


The Musician

Shlomo plays the french horn in 3 separate orchestras and loves music, though his day job is being a technologist and a serial entrepreneur/investor. 


The Inventor

Moshik learned to play the piano for a short time when he was young. He stopped playing and later on, even when he had a successful hi-tech career, he always hoped to play again. At the age of 60 he started playing the piano for fun. He envisioned PENTA™ for his own use and then decided to make it a public tool for everyone to be able to play, at any age, anywhere.

moshik - bw.jpg


The Muse

Israela is Moshik's partner for the journey of life as well as for Piano Esperanto. She critiques, she encourages, she lightly pushes, but most importantly she has faith. She is an invaluable asset to the team!

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