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Weekly Update # 34 - May 17th, 2020

Hello, Dear Pianists and Music Lovers,

We have a special treat for you today.

You’ve probably listened to Yanna playing with PENTATM before. It may have been the trigger for you to register for our course and start playing with Piano Esperanto.

So we thought it would be cool to give you the full playlists of the songs that we have scripted in PENTA. We have created, for each songbook that we offer, a long, uninterrupted playlist of all the songs, played beautifully by Yanna!

We thought that the best way for listening would be on YouTube – everyone uses this and can run it on his/her phone, iPad, or computer. It can also show the names of the songs and provide direct timestamp indexing.

We feel that the sound is quite relaxing and can be great while exercising, taking a walk, or resting. Try it!

Just click on the images below and hear for yourself.

And remember – once you learn PENTA, you can play like this too!

All the songbooks can be purchased on our website, here:

Have a safe and enjoyable week,

The team at piano Esperanto

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