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A new book was born - the Waltzes!

Hello, students and piano lovers,

We're delighted to announce a new book that was recently added to our book store on Lulu.

The book includes ten wonderful waltzes. six of them were composed by Johann Strauss II, three were composed by Tchaikovsky, and a beautiful one by Brahms.

Listen to these beautiful sounds, skillfully played by Yanna, on this playlist. Note that if you expand the description on YouTube, you will see the list of the songs, with clickable timestamps that you can directly skip to. For each song, you will find scanned, or clicked, bar-codes. You’ll be able to learn about it, hear a well-known performance as well as, most importantly, listen to the performance of the song in PENTA.

You can get the book in printed form here:

or in a digital PDF form here (for a lower price):

Stay safe in these turbulent times, keep practicing, and don't be shy, write to us for any question,

The team at piano Esperanto

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