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Weekly Update #5 - Sep 22nd, 2019

Dear Students, 

We are delighted to announce that we have crossed the 500 students mark in our online school on Teachable®. This is out of a total of 1200 people who have registered to receive the coursebooks and share with us this incredible journey into piano-playing land.

We remind you that you can register, for free, here: Once you register, be sure to interact with us by adding feedback at the end of each lecture and exercise set, sharing with us your experience, good or bad. We’d love to hear from you! There is also an anonymous feedback form at the end of each section. It helps us to calibrate our material for your benefit.


As promised, we have published a new songbook last week – The Israelis

The Israelis Songbook

As you may know (or will know now…), Piano Esperanto is a global company based in Israel. We have included in this book fifty beautiful Israeli songs. You may have heard some of the songs before, like Jerusalem of Gold and Hallelujah (which won the Eurovision song contest in 1979), while others will be new to you.

In the book we have included links to the YouTube versions as well as to Yanna’s performances of the songs. We are sure that you will find them very pleasing to the ears.

Some of you have already purchased our songbooks in printed or digital form from the bookstore.

You can find all the published books here: If you've already bought the books and enjoy them, please add an honest review of the book on the store page. It will help us a lot!

In the meantime, let us offer you a pleasant read: The story of our old family piano that has finally found a home. Quite a piece of history… You can read all about it here:

or on Medium, here:

Have a wonderful week

and as always, we are here to listen to you and help you in any way we can at

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