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Weekly Update # 32 - Apr 12th, 2020

Hello, Dear Pianists, First of all, we hope you and yours are healthy during these turbulent times. The Coronavirus causes havoc everywhere, and we wish and hope it will pass soon! We, at Piano Esperanto, experience many more students registering and also see a surge in the number of lectures our students are completing. We hope that we contribute to those of you who are stuck at home, quarantined, with nothing else to do. Remember, we are always happy to answer your questions, either directly at or by commenting inside the online course (preferred). We also encourage you to use the time and purchase one or more of our great songbooks through the Lulu bookstore here: The Lulu bookstore is a very trustworthy supplier that provides a money-back guarantee, and we have only praise for their level of service and support. You can use the books even after completing section 2 (the right hand) and practice your skills on familiar songs as you continue studying. We currently offer the following five songbooks in either printed or digital form. They are:

  • The Classics Songbook

  • The Hymns Songbook

  • The Christmas Songbook

  • The Marches Songbook

  • The Israelis Songbook

Very soon, we plan to release three more:

  • The Carmen Songbook

  • The Waltzes Songbook

  • The Tangos Songbook

Each page of the book contains, in addition to the scripts some scannable barcodes for:

  • A Wikipedia® page of the song that tells you about the writers, history, and significance.

  • A lyrics link that shows you the words of the song, if applicable.

  • A YouTube link where you can hear a well-known performance. It’s very common not to recognize a song merely by its name, even when you know it… With this useful link, you can find out that it is a song that you know and like.

  • A link to an audio file where you can hear Yanna playing the song, just as it is written in PENTA™.

So take a tour and check out these books. You can listen to samples and see the full list of songs on our website here:

Have a safe and enjoyable week,

The team at Piano Esperanto

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