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Weekly Update # 29 - Mar 8th, 2020

Hello, dear pianists! Our world is shaken by the Coronavirus which knows no borders. Like you, we are following it closely and hope that soon, we will be able to say that this is over. Many people are hurt. Obviously, we wish a quick recovery to those that got sick. We also feel for the people who are hurt financially due to the many cancelations of activities. Each country makes its own procedures but in many of them, people are being called to commit self-isolation and stay at home. We realize that this can be very frustrating for people who are used to being active and productive. If you are one of those who has to stay home for a couple of weeks, why not make the best of it (if you feel well, of course)? Just use the time to make progress with our course and you will not feel like your time is wasted. We obviously recommend our online courses as the best choice: Feel free at any time to correspond with us through the comments mechanism in the course, or by emailing to We promise a prompt response to any question or comment! Have a wonderful and healthy week! The Piano Esperanto team

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