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Weekly Update # 26 - Feb 16th, 2020

Hello, dear pianists! After discussing some technical issues last week, we thought to relax a bit and just play for you a truly beautiful song. You may not know it by name (It’s called Segguidilla - pronounced 'segidiya') but you will surely recognize the opera it is taken from, Carmen by Bizet. In this song, Carmen, the daring gypsy, dances temptingly for her prison guard, Don Jose, hoping to put her powers on him. Here is the Opera version performed by Waltraud Meier, Carmen; Placido Domingo, Don Jose: We scripted this song (actually the first half) to a piano version which is played beautifully by Yanna, right here: It is played in the B minor scale, and the rhythm is ¾. This song, as many others, are included in our songbook, The Classics, which is available at our bookstore at a very reasonable price. But in case you already have some familiarity with PENTA, we’ve decided to show you the script right here so you can see how easy it is compared to standard sheet music, and yet, how beautiful the music sounds. Every single note that Yanna plays is right here, on this single page! We graded the song at a difficulty level of 8 (between 1 and 10) which means that you can play this in 8-10 months, from zero knowledge of the piano!

Just for good measure, here is how the same piece, admittedly more spruced up, looks with standard sheet music notation. Quite intimidating. But hey, you got PENTA!

So why wait? Start learning today, and enjoy a fantastic pastime activity that helps your body and mind tremendously! Have a wonderful week, and keep practicing! The Piano Esperanto team

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