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Weekly Update # 24 - Feb 2nd, 2020

Hello again, dear fellow pianists!

Our new songbook is released! It was a very challenging effort. We decided to script ten wonderful military marches. Nine of them belong to one of the greatest march composers, John Philip Sousa.

Sousa (1854-1932) created most of these marches at the end of the 19th century and they were written for a big brass band. Scripting them for the piano is not a trivial task and we hope that you would like the results!

We couldn’t resist and added as the 10th march F. J. Rickets’ “Colonel Bogey March”. Rickets (aka Kenneth Alford) composed it in 1914 and it has become a very popular march featured in the famous movie The Bridge on the River Kwai. There is also a bonus song – the US national anthem: Star Spangled Banner.

Here are some of the marches from the book, played masterfully by Yanna. They are all scripted with PENTA and amazingly, each takes no more than one page! There are other great ones in the songbook.

The Washington Post March / John Philip Sousa Click Here to listen The Liberty Bell / John Philip Sousa Click Here to listen High School Cadets / John Philip Sousa Click Here to listen The Stars and Stripes Forever / John Philip Sousa Click Here to listen Colonel Bogie March / Kenneth Alford Click Here to listen

(If the links don't work, it may be a security feature of your email client - just add us to your safe senders' list, or copy the link to the browser line).

(check the full list on our website here: )

These marches require advanced skills to play – they are not for the fainthearted…

But naturally, you first need to learn our system. All the course materials are free and if you only downloaded the course books, we urge you to also register to our online school. Here you can browse through the lectures using an iPad or a laptop and easily view and listen to Yanna playing. The online course is personal and you are not committed in any way. Just progress at your own pace and as an added benefit, you can add your comments, see other students’ comments and view our responses.

Here is the link to register.

Once you do, enroll in the PENTA Primer course first, and later, at any time, you can also join, for free, in the PENTA Pro course.

Feel free to write to us with any question at

Have a wonderful week, and keep practicing!

The Piano Esperanto team

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