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Weekly Update # 23 - Jan 26th, 2020

Hello again, dear fellow pianists!

Some news, first,

We are working hard on a new songbook that will be published very soon. It is geared for more experienced students, but the results are really beautiful. We hope to unveil it in the coming week!

In the meantime, you can obtain the existing songbooks, in a printed or a digital form, at a very reasonable price here (you can also listen to some samples and see the full list): or directly to the bookstore here:

Naturally, you first need to learn our system. All the course materials are free and if you only downloaded the course books, we urge you to also freely register to our online school. Here you can browse through the lectures using an iPad or a laptop and easily view and listen to Yanna playing. The online course is personal and you are not committed in any way. Just progress at your own pace and as an added benefit, you can add your comments, see other students’ comments and view our responses.

Here is the link to register.

Once you do, enroll in the PENTA Primer course first, and later, at any time, you can also join, for free, in the PENTA Pro course.

Feel free to write to us with any question at As we did in the last 2 weekly emails, we continue to show you how versatile PENTA™ is. This time we’ve included some famous songs from the Eighties played masterfully by Yanna. They are all scripted with PENTA and each takes no more than one page! You can get to this level and play like this within six months.

Careless Whisper / George Michael – Click Here to listen Hello / Lionel Richie– Click Here to listen Calling You (Bagdad Café) / Jevetta Steele– Click Here to listen Every Breath You Take/ Sting – Click Here to listen Take My Breath Away (Top Gun)/ Berlin– Click Here to listen We are the World/ USA for Africa– Click Here to listen

Have a wonderful week, and keep practicing! The Piano Esperanto team

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1 commentaire

Effie Mineo
Effie Mineo
01 févr. 2020

The ’new songbook’ sounds amazing!

The ‘80s was certainly a wonderful decade for pop-music and, working for a popular commercial radio station at the time, I new every song word for word as we worked with the ‘on-air’ program pouring out of powerful speaker boxes which sat on every desk!

I predict that sales - wether digital or on physical book form, will be very strong Indeed! However, as mentioned above, the songbook will hold little appeal without the ability to play..... and so, to anyone reading this who has ever dreamed of playing the piano in a new, faster, fun and easier way; use the links above and start playing piano today!

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