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Weekly Update # 21 - Jan 12th, 2020

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Hi, Piano Lovers!

Some of you have been with us for several months, while others have just registered. Either way, most of you are still taking your first steps with the course and undoubtedly wonder how far you can go. When you start the course you deal with the basics. And as we try to make this as simple as possible, one may reach the wrong conclusion that PENTA, as a language, is limited, maybe even too simplistic. There is nothing further from the truth! We, ourselves, find it surprising how with such a basic construction, so many different songs and classical pieces can be scripted. To demonstrate this, we included in this email a couple of audio examples that show the versatility of the language. There are different rhythms, different scales, spiced chords, and adornments. Listen and enjoy these beautiful oldies played gracefully by Yanna. And remember: They all occupy one page or less. And you, no doubt, can play them soon as well, if you just practice!

(Just click on the song name to listen...)

A romantic song: Be My Love

A melancholic song: I'm getting sentimental over you

A swing song: Making Whoppie

A sweet song: Mr. Sandman

A grandiose song: Puttin' on the Ritz

A naughty song: Borsalino

And for our younger students - Don't worry. We will create another compilation of modern songs in the very near future...

Have a wonderful week and keep up learning, so you can play this wonderful music!

The Piano Esperanto Team

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