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Weekly Update # 11 - Nov 3rd, 2019

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Hello everyone,

We are getting some phenomenal feedback from students who started learning PENTA and are progressing brilliantly.

Alan Smith, from the United Kingdom, who enrolled just 2 weeks ago, writes to us:

First of all, thank you to Esperanto. At 72 and with no musical experience, I am finding that anything is possible!

At the end of my first week of study, I have got to exercise J on page 43 of the Primer manual and although this is all just the very beginning and basic, it is so much fun. So far I have avoided looking past the page I am on, rather than rushing to see what is coming up.

I study for 1 - 1 1/2 hours in the morning and another hour in the afternoon, followed by a quick review of the Primer manual. I always go back one page in the morning to replay the exercises I did yesterday and so far it is helping me progress.

I find the hardest chord to remember is B but I am getting there.

How I will get on once I move to two hands working together I don’t know, but I am looking forward to it.

I am sure if Beethoven had used Penta he would have finished his 9th Symphony.

Thank you so much, Alan!

And from Melbourne, Australia, we heard again from our amazing student, Effie Mineo, who after less than 3 months has plenty to show:

I’m thrilled to announce... ....that I’ve completed 60% of the PENTA Pro online course!

The next stage (chapter 5), will give me the tools and training needed to be able to write a PENTA script. Meaning I will be able to write a script and play any song I fancy!

I could have started tonight of course but I chose to use my 2 hours at the piano by playing my favourite pieces of music which I’ve practised over the last couple of months; as a celebration of sorts. I played beautiful pieces such as:

✅ ‘All the things you are’ by Jerome Kern ✅ ‘Funiculi Funicula’ by Luigi Denza

✅ ‘Dark Eyes’ a classic Russian song ✅ ‘Por Una Cabeza’ by Carlos Gardel ✅ ‘Elvira Madigan’ Piano Concerto #21 by Mozart ...and half a dozen more besides!

I will be honing my skills for the rest of my life to be sure... but, ask me if I am happy with my progress? The answer is a resounding, ‘Yes, yes and yes!’ My sense of accomplishment is through the roof! Thank you Piano Esperanto! You’ve blessed me with a priceless gift!

These letters really fill our hearts with joy!

If you have what to show for yourself and want to be famous, write to us also at and we will be happy to publish it in our weekly letter, website and our Facebook page!

Have a great week!

The Piano Esperanto Team

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