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Weekly Update # 10 - Oct 27th, 2019

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Dear Students,

We realize that some of you have not started to study yet, but hey, you took the first step and registered! So please don’t feel bad, keep following, and at the right moment, you will start learning and enjoy it!

We wanted to concisely summarize the options that you have when you do start. Some people asked us how do they actually begin, so here it is.

We offer several methods of studying.

  • If you registered on the website, you should have received an email with some links to download the course books. Some people would like to have a printed book in front of them, so they can just download the books and print it themselves or best, at the local printer, where they can be coil bound (most comfortable to handle on the piano).

  • There are 3 books to download – The PENTA Primer, the PENTA Pro, and the PENTA Reference. Start with the Primer. Even if you have prior piano knowledge, just glance through it so you will be familiar with our notation. Starting with the Pro may be difficult, even for piano players. The Reference book can be used when you are done with a course in order to find something that you are looking for.

  • The other option that you have is to enroll in the Teachable online school here. This can be used instead of the printed coursebook and has several advantages:

  • Audio and video are integrated into the material

  • You can mark lessons as complete so you always remember where you left off.

  • You can comment on a lecture and see other students’ comments (and our answers)

  • You can use it on your desktop, laptop, iPad and/or smartphone.

  • Here too, after you enroll in the school, register first to the Primer course and then to the Pro course to get things in the right order.

  • We also offer a weekly group video session, using the Zoom app on your phone or computer. During the call, you will have an informal opportunity to meet other students and our team. There will be a separate message sent towards the end of this week with details.

  • We encourage you to like or follow our Facebook page here, where we post news and videos regularly.

The goal of all these methods is to let you break free and fulfill your dream. We are always here to listen, help or just chat, so write to us at with any question and comment!

Have a great week!

The Piano Esperanto Team

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