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Weekly Update #1 - Aug 25th, 2019

So many great things are happening for Piano Esperanto, and they couldn't have happened without you, so we wanted to keep you updated on a weekly basis.

Seven weeks ago, we started promoting globally our new and innovative program for learning to play the piano with the PENTA language.

We are glad to report that over 700 piano lovers from more than a dozen countries have seized the opportunity and downloaded the free course material!

Ten days ago, we opened an online school on Teachable®.

More than a 150 people have already registered to the PENTA Primer and PENTA Pro courses and are making excellent progress! If you haven't done so already - You can sign up at

More great news! We will soon be offering a book of ten uplifting hymns you would love to learn and play for your family and friends! The book will be available for purchase at a very reasonable price, both in printed and digital form, on our website. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, keep up sharpening your skills and do let us know what you think on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube. 

We are eager to hear your questions, comments, and critique. The more, the better!

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