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Piano Esperanto

Learn to play the piano,

without learning traditional sheet music.

Are you a more advanced student?

Have you tried learning to play the piano before?

Did you take any of the piano YouTube courses?

Did you get frustrated?

Here is the story. Like many people who come to the piano at a later age, you may have tried to take a shortcut and to learn piano by example, rather than learn sheet music and the theory of rhythm, scales, synchronization…

You may have plunged into YouTube and selected one of the many courses that exist online, paid for them and started following the lessons. They offer Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Country, and more. The instructors show you how they play, and they expect you to follow what the teacher is doing. In the absence of musical notation (that would indicate at least the length of notes and the synchronization between the left and the right hands), you are expected to memorize a lot. It starts as a simple exercise, but then, at one point, it suddenly gets too hard (especially, you know, that dreadful left hand, when and how to use it...), and unfortunately, you break and give up.


We know the pattern. Some of us went through this and got really discouraged. No offense intended for those who offer online courses. They are doing their best, given that they have to teach in the absence of music notation. 

That’s why we invented PENTA™. The great thing about PENTA™ is that it is a musical notation that is significantly easier to learn than notes. And once you learn it, you can play any song that’s written in PENTA™, from any genre, with both hands, almost at first sight! It works like magic.

If you have some basic knowledge of notes and have gone through the exercise above too many times, PENTA™ is just for you.

Listen to this familiar song below and see its first two lines as they are expressed in PENTA™ compared with standard sheet music. You can also check our showroom for several more songs with their PENTA™ representation.


Here are some more resources that can help you see the difference between PENTA and standard sheet music. Just click to read/watch.


Enroll for free to our online school and register for the Primer course. Glance through it quickly and move to the Pro course which will teach you all you need to know in order to play beautiful songs with both hands!

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