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The Hymns

Play your favorite music, 

and lift your spirit.

What's Inside?

Church hymns will lift your spirit and will fill your heart with confidence and joy. Here you will find ten beautiful and popular hymns, arranged and scripted for PENTA. 

Such as:

How Great Thou Art - Piano
Holy, Holy, Holy - Piano

And more!

What's PENTA?

The PENTA method is a groundbreaking new approach to learning music. 


We have removed the old, complicated musical notation and replaced it with an intuitive notation system that allows anyone, beginner or professional, to play beautiful music on the piano with just a few months of practice. 


You can start learning and practicing with a standard 61-keys keyboard which is available at any music store.

If you have any more questions, be sure read our 

frequently asked questions, or contact us directly at

You can buy the Song Books in a digital version, to view on your iPad or to print. We do provide the option to purchase printed copy with coil binding so you can comfortably lay it on your piano/keyboard and play. Our 3rd party supplier for books is a very reputable US printer,, that ships all over the world.  

Stay tuned for more books soon...

The Piano Esperanto courses are now on 

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