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Weekly Update # 30 - Mar 15th, 2020

Hello, dear pianists! So much has passed since last week… It seems like the world has turned upside down. The Coronavirus is hitting hard, with many countries suffering and others fearing the unknown. After China, North Korea, and Iran, now comes Italy, with more than 20000 people diagnosed as infected and more than 1000 dead! The stories are indeed heart-breaking… The Italian people, amazingly, unite against the disease in a rare show of solidarity. You may have seen the pictures of Italians, standing at their windows and on their balconies and singing, like here:

Click here to watch the video So to salute the brave Italian people, we'd like to share with you one of the Italian songs we have scripted and recorded. It is the familiar song, Arrivederci Roma" (English: "Goodbye, Rome"). It was composed in 1955 by Renato Rascel, with lyrics by Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giovannini. It was published in 1957 as part of the soundtrack of the Italo-American musical film with the same title, released as Seven Hills of Rome in English. Here are the words: Arrivederci Roma, Goodbye, goodbye to Rome . . . City of a million moonlit places, City of a million warm embraces, Where I found the one of all the faces, Far from home! Arrivederci, Roma, It's time for us to part, Save the wedding bells for my returning, Keep my lover's arms outstretched and yearning, Please be sure the flame of love keeps burning, In her heart! And click here to listen to the performance by Yanna. It is, by the way, a relatively easy song to learn and play! We hope you enjoyed this calm song! So we repeat our recommendation … If you are one of those who has to stay home (or just prefer to do it, at these times) for a couple of weeks, why not make the best of it (if you feel well, of course)? Just use the time to make progress with our course, and you will not feel like your time is not wasted. We recommend the online courses here as the best choice: Have a wonderful week, and keep practicing! The Piano Esperanto team

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