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Weekly Update # 27 - Feb 23th, 2020

Hello, dear students! This week we would like to update you about the current number of students:

So far, 3488 people from more than 20 countries have registered to study PENTA – our revolutionary new language for playing the piano.

You can register for free here:

Out of these lovely people, 2184 are registered for our free online school on teachable and can use their iPad or laptop to study conveniently and effectively.

You can register for free here: Obviously, not everyone that has registered finds time to study right now, but the possibility is always open to begin learning at your own pace. We will always welcome you! Have a wonderful week, and keep practicing! The Piano Esperanto team

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1 Yorum

Effie Mineo
Effie Mineo
27 Şub 2020

...and practicing I am; thank you Piano Esperanto!

I am one of those happy students, learning ‘at my own pace’ which, in my case, works out to 1.5 to 2 hours a day!

I just finished my daily practice in fact and in tonight’s session, I played beautiful, well-known melodies such as: ‘When I Fall in Love,’ ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,’ ‘Our Day Will Come,’ ‘What a Difference a Day Makes,’ and ‘Be My Love.’

.....Playing with both hands and having a ball of a time!

I would heartily encourage all registered students to set aside some regular time and make full use of this liberating, new and fun way to make piano players out of ordinary, garden-variety…

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