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Weekly Update # 22 - Jan 19th, 2020

Hello again, pianists!

First of all, some news.

We are proud and honored to tell you that you are now one of more than 3100 students who have registered and took us up on the free offer to learn how to play the piano! All this happened over the last 6 months and we thank you for the faith. We will do our best to help with anything we can. Out of the 3100, 1900 students have also registered for our online school. If you only downloaded the course books, we urge you to also register for free to the school. Here you can browse through the material using an iPad or a laptop and easily view and listen to Yanna playing and simulating the exercises. The online course is personal and you are not committed in any way. Just progress at your own pace and as an added benefit, you can add your comments, see other students’ comments and view our responses.

Here is the link to register.

Once you do, enroll in the PENTA Primer course first, and later, at any time, you can also join, for free, in the PENTA Pro course. Feel free to write to us with any questions at

In our last weekly email, we included some examples of Oldies played using PENTA™. Many of you clicked and listened to the songs. We promised to add several newer songs so here is a nice selection of songs from the Seventies by Elton John, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Don Mclean, and the Bee Gees, played masterfully by Yanna. They are all scripted with PENTA and each takes no more than one page! You can get to this level and play like this within six months.

Candle in the wind / Elton John – Click Here to listen The Sound of Silence / Paul Simon – Click Here to listen She’s Always a Woman / Billy Joel – Click Here to listen Vincent / Don McLean – Click Here to listen I Started a Joke / The Bee Gees – Click Here to listen Piano Man / Billy Joel – Click Here to listen

Have a wonderful week, and keep practicing!

The Piano Esperanto team

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