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Weekly Update # 20 - Jan 5th, 2020

Hi, Everyone!

One of the reasons we like people to enroll in our online school is that it lets them communicate with us easily. (If you haven't enrolled yet, you can do it here, it's totally free!)

At the end of each lecture, you can insert your own comments and we get notified. We can then respond, answering questions, or just say thank you. We try to do this within 12 hours (there are some time differences, you know).

The comments that you add are also visible by other students and may help them as well.

So we collected some of the comments and included them here for y'all to see. There are a lot more which you can check for yourselves, once registered. It's a lot of fun!

___________________ Myrtle D. 7 days ago This method seems to be very interesting because I do not like reading music. I always have room for improvement. I'm ready to do better. ___________________ Megan R. 8 days ago Excited to learn. ___________________ Tom R. 15 days ago Being a senior citizen, I would welcome this type of approach to learning piano. ___________________ Kelly A. a month ago I have had some piano lessons as a kid, and now that my kids are gone, I'd like to relearn what I knew and really play the piano. ___________________ Frank B. a month ago I've always wanted to play the piano and even perhaps compose my own music. I've played bass for the church and now would like to expand to playing piano as well. Looking forward to a new learning experience. ___________________ Katheryn F. a month ago This is going to be exciting ___________________ Marilou A. a month ago Wow I am impressed already.. because I don't read notes but I'd like to play. Thank you. ___________________ Christine B. 2 months ago An easier method to learn the piano seems amazing. I'm all for it. ___________________ Bernardita L. 2 months ago I am so excited. I can read notes but really prefer another style. Thanks for making this new system of learning the piano available to us. ___________________ Megan R. 2 months ago I am excited to go on this journey, one I have always wanted to embark on. ___________________ Jeff R. 6 days ago I knew how to play those by sound but cool to see it come together by reading ___________________ Emmanuel A. 20 days ago I enjoyed playing the song. ___________________ Ivy H. a month ago so fun to play songs I know!! ___________________ Imelda 2 months ago The songs are so easy to play. Thank you. ___________________ Trish B. 2 months ago Fun to actually play something that sounds real. ___________________ Andy L. 3 months ago Very nice to play something so familiar, thank your ___________________ Heman a month ago If we pay little more attention to the tutorial, it is not that difficult. I did not have much knowledge about systematic playing but still, I do not find much difficulty in understanding the lessons. The practice exercises are very helpful. Thanks, Esperanto ___________________ Carlton R. 4 months ago Recommend to fellow participants to take your time and not rush through the material. By backtracking some, I gained a better understanding of the material that was a little unclear initially. ___________________ Effie M. 5 months ago Amazing! At first, I felt hopeless but I went over and over each of these exercises and feel that yes, playing with two hands is possible - even for me 😂

We value our students and are extremely proud of all of you. It'd really not easy to start learning to play at an older age and we try to make it as much fun as possible. Please don't hesitate to talk to us and join our bi-weekly video calls for more insights and info.

Have a wonderful week and keep up the good work!

The Piano Esperanto Team

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