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Weekly Update # 19 - Dec 29th, 2019

Hi, Everyone!

We’d like to talk to you this week about some of the responses we are getting as comments to our Facebook ads. We are using Facebook to advertise our new, innovative PENTA™ method, and this is how you’ve probably heard about us.

We genuinely believe in everything we advertise. We believe, as already proven by some of our students, that you can achieve marvelous results within a few months. In the videos that we feature, Yanna is playing well-known piano pieces using only PENTA™ as the script. We do this to demonstrate what can be achieved.

Here is an example of a recent ad where Yanna plays a medley of some well know Chopin’s pieces:

The vast majority of the people that view the videos are very complementary and love Yanna’s performance. We do get from time to time some critical remarks, and they can be divided into several groups:

Some say that no one can play that well in less than a year. There is a certain truth to this since Yanna is playing from a young age, and her technique, physic, fluency and posture represent that. These are qualities that do require a longer time to develop. However, and we are absolutely sure about it, anyone who puts the time and goes through our course can sound like this and play at this level of complexity in less than a year. Some even within six months!

Others say that her playing is too simplistic to the point of one critic who said ‘this is not music.’ Typically, this comes from perfectionist music teachers and we understand the frustration. We realize that we offer a shortcut, but shortcuts are not necessarily a bad thing. For some people, it’s the only way to learn. As to the quality of the music, we will let the majority of the responses be the judge of that, so we are not offended.

A third response is the most interesting one, and we enjoy the debate. People with profound musical knowledge comment about some nuances that we do not cover from the beginning. For these perfectionists, these are not nuances but rather significant omissions that we are at fault for making. We advocate that for a beginner, these details are not crucial, and we prefer to make things as simple as possible. As an example, a recent comment claimed that specifying the key D-flat instead of C-Sharp is ‘very misleading’ albeit this is precisely the same key… We do explain scales at a later stage of the pro course and then we touch such issues, but this is not enough for the purists.

All and all, we welcome a healthy, clean debate since we deeply believe in our mission and our purpose: To have people who have given up the dream to play the piano take another shot, succeed and enjoy what they are doing! Have a great week and may you have joyful and satisfying learning. As always, do write to us with any questions or just feedback. We love hearing from you!

And also, have a wonderful and joyous new year! 🎉🍾🎉

The Piano Esperanto Team

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