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Weekly Update # 17 - Dec 16th, 2019

Hello, Everyone,

This week we just want to give you some updates as to how many students have already registered to learn PENTA. The numbers are quite amazing.

We started promoting the free course on July 1st, not even 6 months ago, and until today:

2575 people have registered and received our free coursebooks. Out of which, 1491 people have enrolled in the online school on Teachable ( 4269 lectures were completed on Teachable. About 150 people are in advanced stages of the course. We have people registering from more than 20 countries!

We want you all to succeed and enjoy, so don't hesitate to address us with any questions. It's no bother at all! Also, please add comments at the end of the lectures in Teachable. It helps us and it helps your fellow students. There are many comments there already, and the more, the merrier.

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