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Piano Esperanto

Learn to play the piano,

without learning traditional sheet music.

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Have you tried another online course before?

Do you have some basic piano playing knowledge?

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Piano Esperanto is the world's first piano course that will have you impressing your friends and family without learning sheet music.


No Need For Notes

You won't need to learn to read traditional notes to be able to play beautiful songs on the piano with Piano Esperanto.

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Half an Hour a Day

The Piano Esperanto course is designed so that anyone can play beautiful music and impress their friends with just half an hour a day of practice! 


Master Both Hands

The PENTATM method's unique left-hand chord notation makes playing with both hands incredibly simple and fun.

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Play Like a Pro

With Piano Esperanto, you won't need to learn to read traditional sheet music in order to play beautiful songs on the piano .